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uplifting, feel good news.

Our mission is to deliver uplifting, feel good news, especially the stories of those who have served, past and present, and who have triumphed over adversity. But since we can’t be everywhere, we hope you will be our eyes on the street. Let us know who you think has climbed a proverbial mountain and planted a victory flag. Because most heroes are just ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.

Using Comedy to Help Heal Veterans

By Debbie Gregory. It is said that change, trauma and loss can breed growth, creativity, and discovery.  The veterans and military families who engage in the Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP)'s programs know this to be true. After losing a family member to...
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Gold Star Mom Pens Tribute to Fallen Marine Son

By Debbie Gregory. In the years since Marine Gunnery Sgt. Daniel Price was killed in heavy fighting in Afghanistan, his exploits have lived on through his mother's writing. “There was a Gold Star father that told us shortly after Dan was killed that we are the voices...
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Former Marine and his Working Dog Reunited

Who doesn’t love a good reunion story, especially when it involves a servicemember? And a dog. Well, this one is no exception. U.S. Marine Nick Montez has finally brought home Mally, the bomb-sniffing dog he served with while in Afghanistan. The duo was separated...
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