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Our mission is to deliver uplifting, feel good news, especially the stories of those who have served, past and present, and who have triumphed over adversity. But since we can’t be everywhere, we hope you will be our eyes on the street. Let us know who you think has climbed a proverbial mountain and planted a victory flag. Because most heroes are just ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.

Navy Veteran Competes for Maxim Cover to Help Fellow Vets and At-risk Youth

Janae Sergio was in-and-out of homeless shelters and programs for at-risk youth during her high school years. She decided to join the Navy at 18, and eventually used the GI Bill to earn a bachelor’s degree in business management. "I was kind of living day-to-day and...
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Couple Made History as the First Husband-Wife team to Fly B-2 Bomber in Combat

John and Jennifer Avery made history as the first husband-wife team to fly the B-2 Spirit bomber in combat during their 20-year-long careers. The couple's joint retirement ceremony took place on September 7, 2018, at Whiteman AFB, Missouri. Both Jennifer and John flew...
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Army Veteran with no Family Members to Mourn Him Honored by Local Students

Larry Tracy gave 40 years of his life serving our country. When the Army veteran died in late September, he had no surviving family to plan, let alone attend his funeral. A veterans group organized a funeral for the 78-year-old, and the students in sixth, seventh and...
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