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uplifting, feel good news.

Our mission is to deliver uplifting, feel good news, especially the stories of those who have served, past and present, and who have triumphed over adversity. But since we can’t be everywhere, we hope you will be our eyes on the street. Let us know who you think has climbed a proverbial mountain and planted a victory flag. Because most heroes are just ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.

Adorable Bulldog Just Retired from the Marine Corps

After five years of service, the dog version of 20 and out, the Marine Corps' mascot, Chesty XIV  has relinquished his responsibilities and is heading into retirement. Marine Barrack Washington commanding officer Col. Donald Tomich presided over the English bulldog's...
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Military Homecoming Surprise – Spouse Dresses as T-Rex

Who doesn’t love a good military homecoming, be it a servicemember and their spouse, a servicemember and their kids, a servicemember and their dog, or a servicemember and their T-Rex. Wait, what? An anonymous military spouse decided to “think outside the box” and wear...
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Using Comedy to Help Heal Veterans

By Debbie Gregory. It is said that change, trauma and loss can breed growth, creativity, and discovery.  The veterans and military families who engage in the Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP)'s programs know this to be true. After losing a family member to...
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