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Our mission is to deliver uplifting, feel good news, especially the stories of those who have served, past and present, and who have triumphed over adversity. But since we can’t be everywhere, we hope you will be our eyes on the street. Let us know who you think has climbed a proverbial mountain and planted a victory flag. Because most heroes are just ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.

Military Spouse & His Daughter Both Received Degrees From Temple University

A father and daughter in Philadelphia walked across the stage together to get their undergraduate degrees from Temple University. Craig Manning and his daughter, Juliana, graduated from Temple on Thursday. Manning graduated ith a Bachelors of Arts degree in film and...
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In an Amazing Act of Kindness, Worker Carries 96 Year Old WWII Veteran to Visit Wife’s Grave

Two unnamed volunteers, one a worker at Arlington National Cemetery, were caught performing a random act of kindness when they carried a 96-year-old North Carolina veteran to his wife’s grave at the cemetery. One was an employee of the cemetery and the other was a...
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Green Beret Rewarded for Heroism on Highway

By Debbie Gregory. There was no time to wait for emergency personnel or to see if others on the highway would stop. “We were the first there,” he said. “It was my responsibility.” While his wife called 9-1-1, he ran to the wreckage and went to work. “I just did all I...
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