Don’t let anyone ever say that our military members are not well trained. They’re well trained even in the things they haven’t trained for.

That was welcome news for Brittany Kennedy, as her husband, U.S. Army Sgt. Preston Kennedy, was called upon to deliver their fifth child.

The couple and their four children had gone to the hospital as Brittany was in labor, but was told that she wasn’t dilated enough, and was sent back to their Fort Drum base home. But less than an hour later, Sgt. Kennedy found himself with his wife on the verge of giving birth. And that’s exactly what happened.

At the entrance gates of the base, the Kennedy’s newest arrival, Bella, decided she was ready for her debut, and so out she came. With only Dad to help, she was born in the family Durango, her four siblings in the back.

Sgt. Kennedy said he acted instinctively.

“I was really nervous, but I knew I had to stay calm. I could see the baby’s head crowning, and then it was coming out in my palm. And then she was out – and crying!”

He added, “I’ve been in the delivery room for our four other children,” he said. “And when you are in the military, you learn to handle stressful situations calmly and with poise. So that really helped me.”

Platoon sergeant Justin Foster received a call from Sgt. Kennedy explaining the circumstances, and Foster though it was a joke. But after hearing Brittany’s screams and Bella’s cries, he knew it was very real. He told Preston to wrap the baby up in something warm, and turn up the heat while waiting for the ambulance, since the high temperature that day had only been 36 degrees .