Two unnamed volunteers, one a worker at Arlington National Cemetery, were caught performing a random act of kindness when they carried a 96-year-old North Carolina veteran to his wife’s grave at the cemetery. One was an employee of the cemetery and the other was a volunteer.

George Boone came to Arlington on an Honor Flight. The B-24 pilot served his country during World War II — becoming a prisoner of war when he was shot down over Romania in 1943.

While groups typically only have time to visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Boone requested to see his wife’s grave, for what will more than likely be the last time.

Although Boone will one day be buried at Arlington, his wife of 56 years, Alma, as a military spouse, preceded him there with her passing in 2007.

Boone served as a B-25 pilot during the war, and was at the cemetery in Washington DC with his son, Jon. In their rush, the two forgot Boone’s wheelchair.

Boone figured that he could make the 70 yard trek, but that’s when the two good Samaritans stepped in to help him. They joined their arms together, making a human chair and lifted Boone all the way to his wife’s resting place.

The volunteers held him in that position for 10 minutes, allowing him to pay his respects. The male volunteer then carried the veteran back to the car on his own.

Jon Boone’s photos of his father being carried piggyback has prompted hundreds of responses on social media.