A full-sized body pillow with the likeness of Air Force Tech Sgt. Joshua Wilbert had an adventure that rivals any other inanimate object that travels around the country. And thanks to the military brotherhood/sisterhood, the unique pillow was returned to its rightful owners.

Joshua’s wife, Jessica Wilbert, and their two sons, ages six and two, were on their way home to Warrensburg, Missouri, after visiting friends in Oklahoma when they stopped at a gas station in Wellington, Kansas. Somehow, the custom pillow that Jessica had made so her sons could cuddle with their dad after he deployed a year ago, fell out of the car.

“I’m assuming a worker at the gas station found it…” said Jessica. Next came a network of Facebook sleuths, concerned vets, service members and military families to the rescue.

“Another military wife from that area, she happened to see it and she found me through the Lost During My PCS Facebook page, and messaged me,” Jessica said. “She asked if that was our doll, and I said yes, and her mom picked it up and they just put it in the mail yesterday, and it’s headed back our way.”

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The photos were posted to Facebook by Kansas resident Jarea Jarrell on September 8th, stating: “This pillow was found in a gas station parking lot in Wellington and they are try’n to locate the owner!”

“It’s crazy to see how far it reached, I didn’t realize it was missing until people messaged me, I was tearing the house apart looking for it,” said Jessica.

“I was blown away and surprised that there are actually still good people out there,” she added. “People you don’t even know that took the time to give us this doll back. I was speechless. It was an amazing moment.”