Five military dogs who served the U.S. during deployments overseas were awarded the K-9 Medal of Courage Tuesday on Capitol Hill.

The now-retired dogs — Taba, Jig, Summer, Jag and Taker — were honored with the Lois Pope award by American Humane for demonstrating “exceptional valor in serving our country” as they served in places like Iraq and Afghanistan alongside and in support of U.S. armed forces on the battlefield.   The pups worked in different branches of the military and had different roles from bomb sniffing to serving in the “War on Terror”.

  • Jig – Served in the Marine Corps for five years detecting IEDs until he was diagnosed with an oral melanoma.
  • Summer – Also serve in the Marine Corps and was a member of a TSA K-9 team for the Amtrak Police Deparment
  • Taker – A 12 year-old Labrador Retriever is credited with saving many lives during his career.
  • Taba – Served in the U.S. Army Special Forces Multi-Purpose K-9 and worked on countless raids as well as searching for IEDs.
  • Jag – was a critical K-9 component serving in hundreds of missions protecting his fellow soldiers.  He retired in 2013.