reunion1Tech Sgt. David Opperman caught 13-year-old Amber off-guard when showed up at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in the midst of their Skype session. Sgt. Opperman put Amber on hold during their Skype chat. Moments later, Amber was in tears as she saw her dad walk into her classroom.

“Amber thought she was going to be surprising dad by bringing me into the video,” Yvet said. “In actuality, he was in the next room over — waiting to come in. We turned the tables.”


And then there’s Capt. Mario Lopes, a Washington D.C.-based pilot with United Airlines. He learned that his son, First Lt. Mario Lopes, was scheduled to return from Kuwait. When Capt. Lopes learned that there was an opportunity to pilot a military flight to Norfolk, Virginia, on the same day his son was coming home, he knew it was fate.

Once his son was on board and before the flight took off, Lopes approached his son from behind and asked, ‘First Lieutenant Lopes, what are you doing on my aircraft?'”

The touching reunion and long embrace was captured on camera.

“I’ve had a lot of memories, but this flight is by far the most important to me,” Capt.Lopes said.


Army Staff Sergeant Salomon Robinson had two heart-stopping moments planned for his mom, Claudette Hutchinson. Robinson, who has spent the past year in Iraq on his third deployment, called the police department in West Point, Georgia to see if they could help arrange a surprise for his mom. Surely, Hutchinson’s heart was palpitating when she saw the patrol car’s red lights flashing in her rear view mirror. Officer  Cameron Mitchell pulled Hutchinson over, as dash cam video captured the moment that Officer Mitchell asked Hutchinson to give him her license, and then to get out of her car to examine a scratch on her car. When Officer Mitchell told Hutchinson that his partner would bring back her license, Robinson got out of the patrol car instead, and surprised his mom with balloons and flowers.